2017 Interior Trends

With the new year around the corner, it’s time to take a look at what will be dominating the interior scene. There are three big key trends for 2017: Terracotta, Cork and Jewel (We are loving jewel green). We can expect to see more colours, deep rich tones which stray away from pastel shades; natural elements with lots of texture, ... Read More »

Guide to hanging your lights

Hanging your lighting can be risky business.. a little to the left, now the right, up, a little down! Bingo! Sound familiar? We all do it! But today we thought we would show you a guide to planning out your lighting! Hanging pendants in your home adds a layer of light, ambience and accent lighting. Kitchen Island Lighting Spacing your ... Read More »

Luxury Bathroom Inspiration

Finding the perfect bathroom accessories and lighting can be challenging, so we have put together a guide for you! Mixing different tones, colours and styles can bring your bathroom to life. Understanding what style and interior you want to achieve is the first step to ensuring you have a cohesive look in your space. Tying in your lights or decor ... Read More »

Fixed VS Gimble VS Surface Mount – What downlight style to pick?

  Downlights are not only function they can be cost effective and create a seamless flow of light in any space. But what is the difference between fixed, gimble and surface mount downlights? Is one better than the other? Downlights are traditionally recessed fixtures that sit inside the ceiling and shine light down into the room. Previously downlights have been ... Read More »

What are Colour Temperatures?

When it comes to LED there are several benefits that we have previously discussed, one of the great options is the ability to pick your colour temperature. What does this mean?  Picking your colour temperature simply means you can select the colour of the light you want. Most commonly, the three colours you can pick from are cool white, daylight and ... Read More »

How to Keep Warm this Winter

Winter has definitely started in Sydney and with the temperatures cooling down the first thing we want to do is stay warm! Staying warm in winter can be expensive, energy bills go through the roof with the heater being on all night long. So how can we stay warm but not over spend? A great option is to use your ... Read More »

Why Should I buy LED Lights?

Not entirely sure what LED is or why you should be buying it? Well let’s find out why you should make the switch today and buy LED.   What is all the fuss with LED? LED lighting has taken the industry by storm, many traditional styles of lighting including halogen and compact fluorescent have become obsolete. This is because these ... Read More »

Trend Alert – Lighting up your home with Copper

Copper has been on trend for a while now and it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere! The reason it seems to be so popular is that it is able to tie in with most home interiors and adds warmth and depth to your design. Copper is appearing everywhere from clothing, jewellery to furniture design and lighting! When shopping for ... Read More »

LED Buying Guide

With the introduction of LED downlights, the purchasing decision is harder than ever before! New terminology, more options and confusing specs can make the process really difficult! So, we decide to put together an LED downlight buying guide for you to help you make the best decision. Remember LED is cheaper to run, better for the environment and will save ... Read More »

May Staff Pick: Bocci 14 Series Pendant

For May I have chosen the Bocci 14 Series Pendant! The 14 Series Bocci is elegant, sophisticated and a truly impressive piece of lighting. The bocci features suspended glass balls complete with LED bulbs. Individually they are subtle yet outspoken, clustered in a group they are truly magnificent. Used throughout residential and commercial spaces the Bocci is definitely a show stopping ... Read More »